Day two of IATA’s WPS focuses on personalised travel

Ben Hunt

Group Communications Director, Amadeus IT Group

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Day two of IATA’s World Passenger Symposium in San Diego brought a more detailed examination of the plans the industry has for introducing a more personalised service for passengers.

Day two of IATA’s World Passenger Symposium

Amadeus executives were again to the fore with Hervé Couturier, Head of R&D, delivering a key note to the CIO and IT Executive stream. While the title of his talk was “the next 100 years… a vision for the future of Airline IT”, Hervé insisted that as the “delivery guy” for the global travel ecosystem outlined the previous day, he would talk about the next three years.

The Importance of Personalisation

Hervé explained how technology could help travel providers and subscribers serve their passengers with additional opportunities throughout all stages of the journey. He outlined how to take advantage of passenger touch points from the initial “Inspire” phase all the way through to “post-travel” by incorporating content from different players in the value chain and presenting a personalised offer to the traveller.

“The question is how can I push hotels, rail, cars and restaurants and newspapers and entertainment  at each stage the journey to give what is relevant to the customers,” he said. That means analysis from the database connected in such a way that it allows us to make decisions and act on something that is personalised.”

He went on to outline the four key technological innovations that would be required to deliver this: Big Data, Personalisation, Mobile and Ultra-High Availability of systems, describing some of the steps required to make each a reality.

“This vision we have of the global travel ecosystem

is of a connected travel experience from ‘inspire’ to ‘post travel’ across all channels, all events and all travel players,” he said. “And it's not only a dream as the period for delivery is about three years. So yes, this is an ambition but we have solutions that are walking in that direction and we continue to drop code and software to deliver that vision.”

Earlier in the day, Stephane Lecourtois from Amadeus’ Airline IT product strategy team participated in a technical panel session reviewing airline system order and ticketing capabilities, while John Dabkowski, Vice President of Airline Commercial was a combative speaker during a debate about whether NDC was a challenge for the PSS, GDS and IT provider. In perhaps the most contentious debate of the week, John said that PSS providers would be most challenged in an NDC world but said he was confident that Amadeus’ strength in both domains meant the company was well placed to be successful.


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