Highlights from day two of CAPA's airline summit in Dublin

Candice Vallantin

Corporate Communications Senior Executive

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How can full service carriers deal with the growing market share of low cost carriers in the short haul market? And after the internet and the growth of mobile, what technological innovation will disrupt the travel sector?  These were some of the questions that emerged during the CAPA airline summit in Dublin.

Amadeus Vice President of Distribution Marketing, Decius Valmorbida, was on stage, debating these issues with other leaders in the travel sector. He shares some insight on what he sees as the future for airlines in transition.

What will be the next digital revolution? Is this a threat or an opportunity for airlines? “Managing a business looking at what is a threat doesn’t make sense. Airlines need to focus on opportunities,” says Valmorbida.

CAPA Highlights: The Digital Revolution And How It Affects Airlines

Which business model will prevail: the low cost carrier model, or the full service carrier model? “On the short haul, the low cost carrier model is imposing itself, while on the long haul, the full service carrier model is still expected from travellers. The question is, how can airlines make those two things work?”

CAPA Highlights: Which Airline Business Model Will Prevail - low-cost or full-service carrier?