Customer led innovation ensures the best returns for businesses

André Shirai Vieira

Director, Marketing & Product, Latin America, Amadeus IT Group

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A customer led innovation strategy early on in the development stage not only ensures a good foundation of transformative ideas, but also minimizes R&D investment risks down the line. At Amadeus, customer-led innovation is standard procedure and plays an important role in development frameworks.

Amadeus itab


In order to be successful, a business must listen to and learn from what its customers desire and need, and ensure they play a large role in the innovation process. This is what differentiates customer centric companies from those who solely base development on internally focused planning or competitive and market factors.

It means Amadeus is always learning from its clients. In the Latin American region, representative customers from at least eight countries in the region participate in bi-annual Innovation Technology Advisory Boards (ITAB), the latest of which was recently held in South Florida.

The advisory board offers an opportunity for IT focused management to present and discuss trends in the industry, review product pipelines, identify gaps vs. needs, and enroll interested customers in product pilots. The ITAB also invite external speakers, mainly some of the most renowned travel startup leaders, to offer their insight about innovation and new trends.

In addition to being updated
with the most recent products, customers can feed us with their ever-changing market needs. It is a precious asset for Amadeus to keep developing the best products and being a true IT partner.

Sebastian Falus, President of Tije Travel, said it best:

"Amadeus LATAM always presents new products and invites clients to work in cooperation in the innovation process and new software. We have the opportunity to talk and adapt products to all markets. And we end up doing a brainstorm together. Amadeus receives feedback from customers about the innovations we need and the particularities of each country. Thus, Amadeus not only shows its products, but also makes us partners in creating them."

Getting customers involved in the innovation process is proving to be the most valuable ally to generate good business between Amadeus and our customers.


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