How focusing on the customer experience helps TAP Air Portugal increase revenues

Elton D’Souza

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), TAP Air Portugal

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Since 1945, TAP Air Portugal has striven to provide our customers with the best possible travel experience. This begins with their first contact with our airline, usually when shopping for a flight, which is why it is important for us to be able to deliver excellent service across all channels. Thanks to a bespoke development of Amadeus Airline Fare Families, we’ve been able to implement TAP branded fares in both our direct and indirect sales channels, giving our passengers consistent access to our products and services.

customer experience


Since implementing Fare Families we have enjoyed three distinct benefits: the ability to clearly and transparently display our offers in a way that is easy for our customers to understand and compare; increased revenues thanks to proactive upsell opportunities; and finally, the flexibility to provide our offers directly through Amadeus or ATPCo for economies of scale.

So, just what have the results been so far since implementing our merchandisingstrategy? We have witnessed a substantial up-sell conversion in the Amadeus distribution channel, with top performing travel agency partners reaching as high as 20% conversion rates. This has led to an incremental revenue per booking, which we are very excited about. By being able to provide the services our customers want and clearly display our offers we are able to better serve our customers and increase our revenues in the process. It’s a win-win.

Now that we have the right tools in place to support our merchandising strategy, we are able to continually evolve our offer. This is just the beginning, we have seen there is still plenty of room for growth and that gives us a positive outlook for the future!


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