Timeliness and simplicity: the customer case for Lean IT

Daniel Batchelor

Global Head of Corporate Communications, Amadeus IT Group

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Lean operations revolve around orientating to, sensing and responding to the customer, and what they really want to do. Everything is organised as a low-waste, on-demand flow of value to the customer. So the travel business is particularly well suited to the strategies of Lean IT.

Lean IT

Timeliness in online booking is essential and both business and leisure travellers expect online responses to be immediate.

Is it getting harder or easier?

Every day, new travel options open up to people and as a result, the tyranny of choice emerges. There are more travel options, but more chances to make a mistake. Worse, mistakes are presently hard to undo, and can prove costly.

Indeed, how many times does one have to start a booking all over again? The speeds now expected in Travel IT, and the myriad of journey options now available, together demand an approach to IT that insists on simplicity in the face of complexity that easily runs out of control. The issue is not how much processing power can be mustered. It is, rather, to find new, more coherent ways of developing and deploying IT innovations that can compress both time and trickiness – for both the passenger and the travel company.

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