Curious about the future of travel technology? Join me at T3CH!

Kate Russell

Journalist, reporter, and author

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Travel has always been a huge part of my life, beginning as a small child when my parents took us to live in Kenya and El Salvador. Back then, in the 70’s, it was a very different proposition.

Technology has made the world smaller and far easier to explore. Even if you can’t get away from home you can explore distant and incredible places through the internet. The power of social sharing makes it easy to experience the sights and sounds of far-flung lands through the eyes of others. This expands our horizons and fuels a hunger to get out and see the world for ourselves.

The travel industry, too, has changed beyond recognition. Price comparison engines, intelligent algorithms and deep search tools make it possible to tailor the perfect trip for every traveller. Hospitality professionals can use machine intelligence and natural language processing to provide a unique and personalised service to guests while keeping the costs affordable for mainstream travellers. And under the surface, cloud architecture allows travel businesses to reduce costs, maintain standards and predict trends in order to elevate guest experience while still maximising profitability.

We are living in an era of rapid change and the world is so much more aware of the possibilities, it’s exciting to see the travel industry get on board with technology to capitalise on this evolution.

That’s why I’m excited to host the inaugural T3CH event in Madrid this March 26-27, focused on “Transforming Tomorrow’s Travel”.

Events like T3CH are an essential part of the mix, bringing experts, innovators and C-level tech leaders from across the travel industry together to explore the possibilities, network and grow stronger together. I’m very much looking forward to experiencing the world of future travel tech together with you. See you in Madrid!


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