CrowdVision set to lead way in helping airports manage real-time passenger flows

Fiona Strens

CEO and Co-Founder, CrowdVision

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It’s been an incredible start to 2018 for CrowdVision. We have won major new contracts throughout the world, demonstrating that the market is recognizing the importance of having high quality data on airport passenger activity. Our partnership with Amadeus is another major milestone, providing a like-minded global partner to support our scaling and innovation goals.



We both share a vision for the use of technology and specifically the power of data in optimizing air travel. Data replaces anecdotes as the basis of decision making. Personal judgements, ill-conceived analysis and arguments can be replaced by real data, real insights, and collaborative decision making.

And it’s not only data that’s important, it’s the type, accuracy and liveliness of the data that matters. Datasets gathered over time help inform plans, forecasts and investment decisions. And real time data helps keep the operation running smoothly even when the messy ebbs and flows of daily life and the complex behaviors of people and crowds mess up the best of plans and rapid responses are needed.

The type of passenger analytics data CrowdVision delivers is a new ‘utility’ for airports. You can’t run an airportwithout power, water, fuel and internet, and you can’t optimize it without real-time passenger data. Both Amadeus and CrowdVision believe passengers must be put at the center of airport management decision making. It is the passenger centric ‘smart airports’ which will become airports of choice for airlinesand passengers alike in the future.

Both Amadeus and CrowdVision are companies that value the same things. We each have a high quality, creative, diverse workforce who believe in collaborating to improve the travel experience for all of us.

CrowdVision complements the existing Amadeus Airport ITportfolio to deliver additional insights and benefits to customers. Working with Amadeus will give us access to a huge network of airports and travel partners around the world. We’re looking forward to helping more airports operate more efficiently so we can all get to where we’re going without the stress of crowds.


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