Creating the perfect blend for more personalised travel

Hazem Hussein

Hospitality Division CEO, Amadeus

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Ever wondered what it is about your regular coffee shop that makes you return, time after time? It could be the beans, the barista who knows your order, the food, the environment – or perhaps all these elements combine to create a unique and personalised experience that keeps you coming back for more.


Now, consider your favourite airline. Does it behave in the same manner as your local coffee shop? At the heart of it, coffee is to cafes what seats are to airlines – the basic product they offer their customers. However, it’s not just about the air ticket anymore, it’s about the complete customer experience. Imagine if an airline treated you like your local coffee shop does and knew what your personal preferences were. But how can airlines create that perfect blend for passengers?

Creating the perfect blend for passengers

The first step is understanding travellers as our two Future Traveller Tribes 2030reports explore in great depth. If you are an Obligation Meeter, chances are you already know which coffee (or air ticket) you want, since you need to be at a specific place, at a specific time. What if you are a Social Capital Seeker? If the airline, like your local barista, knows you well, it may tempt you with a few Instagram-worthy destinations.

But it doesn’t end there. What separates the best is that extra step of recommending options that will truly excite the traveller – for the Obligation Meeter, a bundled experience with lounge access could mean a world of difference. With the Social Capital Seeker, a mobile data plan will ensure they can check-in on social media no matter where they are.

That’s where technology comes in. Until recently, the traveller journey ended for airlines as soon as the traveller stepped off the plane. Now there are huge opportunities for airlines to reinforce customer relationships ‘on-trip’ and even ‘post-trip’ with personalised service and tailored offers. By creating personalised ‘purchasing experiences’, the traveller will naturally be drawn back again for more – just as they are to their favourite coffee shop.

We’re developing a global platform that combines retailing, merchandising, and personalisation, including the recently launched Amadeus Customer Experience Managementsystem that moves the industry even closer to the coveted end-to-end travel experience.

Not only will this mean building a more rewarding journeyfor customers, it will brew the perfect blend for airlines with stronger brand loyalty, better customer experience, and higher profit margins.


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