Creating a connected airport ecosystem with more efficient ground handlers

Yannick Beunardeau

Global Head of Sales and Marketing, Airport IT, Amadeus IT Group

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Catering to a variety of customers – ground handlers often have to manage anywhere from 10 to 70 airlines in one airport, with 5 to 15 different systems. Compound this with seasonal peaks involving a high turn-over of staff that needs to be trained on all these systems, plus the fact that ground handlers can be called upon to handle any given airline requesting their services in an airport and it’s enough to send one off the deep end.

Airport with planes_OriginalThey are perhaps the most taken for granted aspect of airport operations to the casual passenger – but make no mistake about it – ground handling activities – ranging from passenger check-in and boarding, to ramp, gate, fuel, cleaning, catering, and much more – can make or break the operational efficiency of an airport and airline.

The importance of ground handlers

Consequently, creating a better connected airport ecosystem where ground handlers and carriers share the same platform became a top priority for us. Enter our Altéa Ground Handler solutions.Designed from the ground up to address the challenges ground handlers face – this solution enables efficient departure control services from the point of flight arrival to departure – thus creating an efficient, connected airport ecosystem. Better airport operations lead to fewer delays for passengers and as you may know – happy airports make more money with satisfied passengers spending more on airport retail purchases. Furthermore, thanks to Amadeus' recent acquisition of UFIS, we have now completed our Airport IT portfolio with the additions of AODB and Staff RMS, which have greatly expanded our opportunities and the benefits we can bring to the ground handling industry.

To date we’ve signed agreements with 70 ground handlers and the rest of this year looks fuelled for more growth.

It is the part of the air travel process that is least known to travellers, however ground handlers are some of the most important players in a connected airport ecosystem. Our ground handler solutions are a key part of our Airport IT portfolio and will play an integral role in helping us shape a connected future of travel while building the airport of the future.


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