COVID-19 Travel Channels update

This is the second blog post of our COVID-19 series where we explore what Amadeus is doing to support our customers across the business during this difficult time.

In light of the difficult situation we are all facing due to COVID-19, our priority at Amadeus is to ensure the health and well-being of our employees, as well as to continue supporting our customers. 

For our travel agency and corporate customers within the Travel Channels community specifically, I would like to personally reinforce our commitment to them during this time.

Whilst many of our conversations with customers are happening on an individual level with account managers, there are a number of initiatives that I would like to share more generally: 

Tips & tricks and trainings: Now more than ever, travelers are looking to their travel agents and corporations to manage travel disruption and to help them return safely home. To help our customers save time and provide efficient support to travelers, we have updated the Amadeus Service Hub with how-to guides for the most asked questions by travelers during this time, including information about ticket refunds, exchanges, and validations. We have also enhanced the guides about how to make these changes automatically with Amadeus Ticket Changer and if requested specifically by an airline. Additionally, we’re continually enhancing the extensive catalogue of e-learning resources available and providing modules in more languages on the Amadeus Learning Universe accessible from Amadeus Service Hub.

Working from home: Whilst many of our customers are working remotely, ensuring business continuity is key. To help our customers during this time, we are ensuring our solutions, including Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, can be accessed remotely at anytime and anywhere. Also, our team has developed a solution on top of Amadeus Professional so that agencies can access their office computer from home, via another computer. To help agents get set up, we have included a number of step-by-step guides on the Amadeus Service Hub, so agencies can access these solutions easily and minimize disruption to their daily work.

Getting the information agencies and corporations need: In this fast-changing situation, having updated information at your fingertips is crucial. Many travel providers, including airlines, hotels, car rental companies, cruise lines, tour operators, and rail operators, are regularly updating their policies around changes, refunds and exchanges during the COVID-19 situation. We’ve consolidated the links to these providers’ websites, so our travel agents and corporate customers can easily access the information they need to manage bookings, in one place. 

Sharing vital updates to travel agencies and travelers: We are offering a number of companies in the travel industry to use our advertisement slots in our travel agency solutions, and traveler documents to provide regular updates on schedule changes, cancelations or other potential disruptions that might impact the travelers journey. Airlines, airports, car rental companies, cruise companies and rail operators are just some of our customers taking advantage of this. We have already seen a great response to these banners and messages from our agency community and travelers and are monitoring a Click Through Rate 10 times higher than usual. 

These are just some examples of how we’re helping our travel agency community and corporate customers to support them during this difficult time. We will continue to closely monitor the situation with COVID-19 and work with our customers with as little disruption as possible during these difficult times.

In the coming days, my colleagues from other parts of the Amadeus business will be sharing the steps they are taking to support their customers too.

For more information about how we are helping our Travel Channels customers navigate through the COVID-19 situation, check out our recently published website with some helpful links to our customer service platform, the Amadeus Service Hub. 

COVID-19 Amadeus Travel Channels update

Helping our travel agency community and corporate customers navigate COVID-19. At Amadeus, our priority is to ensure the...

Helping our travel agency community and corporate customers navigate COVID-19. At Amadeus, our priority is to ensure the health and well-being of our employees, and to support our customers.

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