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This is the third blog post of our COVID-19 series where we explore what Amadeus is doing to support our customers across the business during this difficult time.

The world is a different place than it was just a few short months ago, and these changes have us focused even more on our key priorities at Amadeus: to ensure the health and safety of our employees and to continue supporting our customers. 

We are working tirelessly to help our airline customers and our commitment to them is unwavering. Our teams are listening closely to their needs and have put several measures in place already. For airlines specifically, we are focused on helping manage the impact of disruptions while optimizing their existing and future operations. Here’s how. 

Minimizing the impact of disruptions for airlines and their passengers 

We’ve accelerated the delivery of solutions and services that help our airline customers keep in constant contact with travelers and travel agencies, including chatbot-driven FAQs and communication channels through Amadeus travel advertising solutions.

Over the past several weeks, Amadeus has processed nearly 2.5 million re-accommodation transactions per day for our customers, up from a typical volume of just 150,000 per day, with no impact on system stability. Our maintenance teams have been working closely with airlines to advise them how to best use our system capabilities and products during this time, and I’m encouraged to hear the positive feedback we have received. Despite the uncertainty for the future, we are seeing re-accommodation trends go down again, as most passengers have been re-allocated, been given the option to cancel their flight or offered vouchers for future travel.

Amadeus Ticket Changer Dynamic Waiver has been essential in managing this massive influx of re-accommodation requests. It has enabled airlines to update previous fare rules and allows travel agents or passengers to change tickets themselves in line with the airline’s new conditions, eliminating the need for manual airline involvement and lessening the call center workload.

Helping airlines optimize operations

While much of the world’s fleets are in hibernation, there is still a critical need to help optimize existing and future operations. Our teams are working on several measures to do just this, with a focus on helping airlines make informed, intelligent decisions based on data. Our talented Data Scientists are analyzing the situation and preparing forecasts of the future business dynamic. We are also providing ad-hoc revenue management reports about cancelations and no-shows, automating those reports so that airlines can easily access them, and providing recommendations on how to best set-up a reporting system in crisis mode.

Additionally, we are helping airlines better understand search traffic, including which origin and destinations are being searched for through specific channels, so they can translate this real-time data into meaningful insights and make informed business decisions. 

When it comes to planning, airlines need a clear view of changes to events such as concerts, sports, and conferences, to improve forecasting and planning for future flights. We’re working closely with our partner PredictHQ on event monitoring to provide airlines a single source of data to help them understand potential demand fluctuations for a given city, and these event monitoring insights are being automatically integrated into the UI of several of our solutions during the crisis.

And of course, we are doing all we can to help airlines to adapt their operations to the current exceptional circumstances. Some of these actions include working with airlines to carry out repatriation flights from airports they don’t usually fly from, and helping to reconfigure their solutions where necessary, for example in order to load cargo in passenger cabins. 

We are also working with airlines to adjust their loyalty programs, such as preserving the current tier status of some or all loyalty members and extending the use of award points balances. Our loyalty support team are implementing requests such as pausing status downgrades and point expirations for members. 

To our airline customers: we hear you and we are here for you

This is the greatest upheaval in the history of the aviation industry. As such, we are doing our utmost to help airlines during these challenging times. I have spoken to many of you already and I am humbled by the messages I’ve received. All of us at Amadeus are inspired by your unbreakable will. 

I am also inspired by the resourcefulness I’ve seen among my own team, who have been working tirelessly, demonstrating great passion and dedication to our customers.

These are just a few examples of how we’re helping our airline customers during COVID-19. In parallel, we are also taking steps to support and protect our own business, through cost-reduction and re-financing measures announced recently through our corporate site. The success of our business is intertwined with that of our customers, and during this challenging environment we continue to stand side-by-side with our customers, and strive to minimize disruption, as we work together through the difficult days and weeks ahead. 

In the coming days, my colleagues from other parts of the Amadeus business will be sharing the steps they are taking to support their customers too.

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Amadeus' priorities remain ensuring the health and well-being of our employees and supporting our customers.

Amadeus' priorities remain ensuring the health and well-being of our employees and supporting our customers.

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