Taking corporate travel to the next level with end-to-end travel & expense management

Holger Taubmann

Senior VP Distribution, Amadeus IT Group

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With over 11,000 global customers using our corporate booking tools, you could say that we’re committed to the world of corporate travel. We strengthened this commitment in 2014 when we bought a majority shareholding in i:FAO, a market-leading provider of technology for corporations.


This investment has enabled us to provide our customers with an extended solution that adds an integral piece to the puzzle: expense. It was a logical step to combine the best features of Amadeus e-Travel Management with the strength of the end-to-end cytric Travel & Expense solution as this allows corporations to manage their travel programme in one platform: from trip planning, to booking, accounting, and reimbursement.

Customers have been telling us that they need to optimize their process and reduce cost and that they are looking for an integrated and end-to-end booking and expense management solution. Our new solution, Amadeus cytric Travel & Expensedoes just that.

Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense

The solution is designed with both the corporation’s and the traveller’s needs at its core: to make booking and expense an intuitive and efficient process by providing transparency, consistency and choice at the time of booking. The corporate policy is present across the entire booking and expense process so that corporations can retain control and visibility over the strategic investment they make in travel, whilst the TMC servicing the booking is empowered to deliver the best service for their customer.

I’m excited about the reactions to Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense in the market. Already, our existing customers are interested in the solution and we are engaging with new corporations and entities from diverse sectors. They like what they see and want to know more. Their feedback will be key for us to continue to enhance our solution moving forward. For more information – visit the Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense website.


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