Corporate self-booking tools show significant growth in Spain

Juan Giron

Global Corporate Communications Manager, Amadeus

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Believe it or not, 16% of travellers spend 80% of a company’s travel budget. This was one of the findings shared in the 2nd Technology & Innovation Observatory for Business Travel report commissioned by Amadeus Spain. Developed by Forum Business Travel, a Madrid-based business travel think-tank, the survey is based on online interviews, focus groups, and face to face interviews with 150 travel managers. One of the main findings from the report is that self-booking online tools have substantially progressed during the last two years.

Travel managers from Spain’s main companies discussed the benefits of timely implementation of online booking tools to help maximise resources. Elements such as expense reporting, travel authorization procedures, data analysis, methods of payment, corporate traveller mobility policies and environmental concerns were scrutinized by experts from Amadeus Spain, CEMEX, Total, Campofrío Food Group Holding, and American Express.

The importance for the travel industry of this in-depth analysis was highlighted by Óscar García, founding partner of business travel think-tank Forum Business Travel.

Self-booking tools are gaining weight globally within travel departments as similar pan-European studies show. But it’s not all good news. Most people in companies still consider travel expenses as a cost and not an investment.

Keeping an eye on business travel expenses may prove crucial for companies in the mid/long term. Amadeus Spain’s Head of Business Travel, Fernando Puelles, explains what’s at stake.

For Ludo Verheggen, Amadeus Spain’s Marketing Director, increasing the adoption of online booking tools to achieve cost savings requires proactive dedication. 53% of Spanish companies use them now as compared with 30% in 2013.


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