Consumer trends are changing the travel industry as we know it

Mónica Clemente

Senior Manager, Innovations and Ventures, Amadeus IT Group

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Travellers are not just getting smarter, they are setting the trends, influencing and ultimately changing the travel industry as we know it.

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A few weeks ago we published our first blog where we explained the reasons for launching theEnd Traveller Trends Observatory (ETTO) initiative. ETTO is not only about analysing travel and travellers, this initiative also aims to identify new trends for consumption in general, technology and social media, analyse how they're changing the industry and be able to translate this into solutions that can add value along the travel chain.

In order to be able to identify these trends – we used internal sources, but we've also used other key external expert sources of inspiration.

Most relevant consumer trends

So far, the following are the most relevant consumer trends identified:

  • Trust is becoming a key pillar for the growth of online collaborative platforms where services/products are exchanged directly; areas such as User Generated Content are also evolving to become more relevant to each different customer/traveller profile.
  • Ultra-Customization is further requested to serve expressed but also non expressed costumer needs, new technologies such as business intelligence, semantic search, etc. are evolving in this direction.
  • Having relevant experiences is surpassing the importance of owning things per se, and status quo is evolving from owning to experiencing. Personal growth and having a positive impact on society are amongst the key reasons for this evolution of society.
  • Transparency, ethics, and sustainability are becoming more relevant for customers and consequently companies should look at these areas very seriously.

We believe that ongoing monitoring of key trends is an essential part of the ETTO initiative and our goal is to communicate our findings on a regular basis, so keep watching this space… you’ll be surprised to know about new trends and how fast we are all changing the way we travel.


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