The secret to connecting thousands of developers around the world

Frederic Ros

Head of Development Efficiency, Amadeus IT Group

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Amadeus has over 5,000 developers, located in multiple locations around the world from France, to India, to the United States. Having the right internal tools to be connected and work together as one team is key to continue building solutions that keep the travel industry moving.

The secret to connecting thousands of developers around the world

With the help of Atlassian, who provide software aimed at helping teams track, collaborate and build, we took a giant leap forward in this respect by migrating our entire development team from various revision control systems to Git (Distributed Revision Control System), which emphasizes speed and efficiency.

Atlassian stack is now at the heart of Amadeus development and collaboration processes. We use Atlassian tools such as Confluence Data Center for creating and managing documentation; JIRA Software Server as the enabler of our Agile transformation; and HipChat Server for real-time collaboration. The work that is documented and discussed in the Confluence Data Center keeps our teams connected across locations and time zones, ensuring we are collaborating efficiently.

It’s been fascinating to see tangible proof of the intuitive nature of these tools – before we had time to deploy our adoption programme internally, our developers were already commenting and showing each other how to use Confluence.

Watch this video taken at the recent Atlassian Summit Europe, where Hugo Questroy and I spoke about the Amadeus experience on the subject of “Building Trust for Adoption at Enterprise Scale”.  You can also check out this case study from Atlassian for more insights.


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