Connecting the dots for a perfect passenger experience

Christian Baillet

Regional Director, Airline IT Sales, Amadeus IT Group

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Whilst booking a recent business trip from Bangkok to Nice, I began to daydream that travelling had become as enjoyable as an evening at my favourite restaurant Indigo; on arrival, knowing that I enjoy a pre-dinner Martini (shaken not stirred, of course), making sure my favourite table is reserved, and of course anticipating that I will have the steak with no need to tell the waiter that I like it rare.




If only travelling could be this enjoyable;seamless and personalisedwith no queues, no waiting and no missed connections…

The ideal journey

Imagine this; I’m at home packing my suitcase for my flight to Nice departing at midnight, the airline sends a car to pick me up – a huge help in Bangkok during monsoon season when taxis are scarce! The driver already knows my name, hands me my boarding pass and assures me he will take care of my luggage from here to the aircraft. Since Bangkok airport has implemented fast security lanes, fully connected with my traveller profile, I whizz through automatic security gates. And here’s where it gets really good; linking up to airport security data, as well as mobile geo-location, the airline recognises I am walking through security and sends a voucher to my mobile phone for a discount at the duty-free shop.

Can technology help to fulfil my dream? You bet – and it can do it by sharing information in real-time across all service providers; my personal information, seat preferences, meal preferences, favourite newspaper, interests, loyalty programme memberships and past trips. All of that plus the information about my current journey; different means of travel and how they connect, knowing where I am throughout the journey and identifying possible disruptions and providing solutions to help me manage the situation, all the while enhancing my overall experience. Basically we need the travel industry to function a little bit like my friendly waiter at the local French restaurant!

Striving for perfect passenger experience

The recent launch of the customer-centricGlobal Travel Ecosystemwill play a huge role in seamlessly connecting airlines, travel agents, airports, hotels and all other parties in the travel industry – essentially connecting the dots for the perfect passenger experience. These days the average traveller, like myself, expects the airlines and travel agents to anticipate their needs and wants before they do – Amadeus has invested in this intelligent and dynamic system to enable the industry to do this. TheAmadeus Global Merchandising Systemcan be fully integrated with the airlines’ Passenger Service System (PSS) to create a seamless journey. The Amadeus Customer Experience Management module collects passenger preferences, behaviour and past trip experiences and mobilises the data to create a personalised journey. Overall, the Global Travel Ecosystem will enable airlines to offer customers relevant offers through all the touch points, via web, mobile, at the airport and inflight.

Amadeus’ investment in innovative technology solutions is steering the industry towards a more connected and personalised future.


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