Connected travelling can also be human

Roshan Khan

Senior Architect, Mobile Competency Centre, Amadeus Software Labs India Pvt. Ltd.

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I wanted to share with you how I felt connected at both a technological and human level during my latest travel experience. It all happened when I was travelling from Nice (France) to London, to attend a mobile conference in the British capital.


After an early check-in, while waiting in the coffee bar at Nice airport, I was watching some of my dance videos from a Tango Festival I had recently enjoyed. There was a beautiful lady sitting on my right and a nice elderly couple on my left.

I realised they had been glancing over at my screen for quite some time. I don't normally expect this to happen in Europe but, anyway, I let them have a look!

An announcement of my flight being delayed interrupted us and my fellow travellers joined me in my sorrows with a deep and collective sigh... That's when our eyes met and we introduced ourselves!

Working for Amadeus

The nice elderly couple was from Los Angeles and they were on a European tour, while the young lady was a sports reporter for Reuters on her way back from vacation in Nice. The funny thing was that when I mentioned I worked for Amadeus, suddenly they started to ask me a lot of questions like ’Do you get any travel discounts?’ ‘And what about in hotels?’ But really, the most relevant question at that point was ‘Could you actually locate our flight?’ This confusion regarding Amadeus being B2B and not B2C is fairly frequent – we actually have a link directed at travellers on our websiteto explain our services.

I took out my laptop, went into flightradar24.com, and located our flight on the map. This isn’t an Amadeus product but I find it useful, and was really exciting for a lot of people that were also sitting in the café, some of whom even gathered around me. I took this opportunity to talk about Amadeus and showcase some of our products!

Amadeus connections

All of them were really surprised to learn that Amadeus is present in 195 countries and provides access to bookable contentfrom 446 airlines and 290 hotel chains (to name just a couple of travel providers). The first product I showed was CheckMyTrip, using my PNR to get information. When I opened my iPad to show TravelSeekerHD to them, everybody loved the concept behind it!

To me, that was a great moment with people flocking around and eagerly waiting to hear about my work at Amadeus! I cannot imagine a more connected and proud moment!

In the end, I exchanged phone numbers with several interesting people. I met up with them in London and we went tango dancing and we also got a free pass to a soccer match to watch it from the Press Desk with the Press Crew! Now that’s what I call connected travelling.

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