Trying (and failing) to find reasons why travel should not be more connected

Thyago Trapero

R&I Manager, Latin America, Amadeus IT Group

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We want travel to be a more connected and complete experience for both tourists and corporate travelers. Our industry has a key role in the development and improvement of several services that will be integral to creating a truly connected future of travel. We’ve reached a ‘point of no return’ during the last decade in providing connected travel experiences, but it is always worthwhile to ask ourselves if there are situations where connectivity may be a setback.


We did just that and asked travelers and travel industry players from Latin America what they felt are the pros and cons of being constantly connected while traveling. Although there is no scientific sampling here, the answers highlight how badly people who travel want a better experience, where everything is available via a single click.

Benefits of a Connected Journey

Below are some of the most interesting replies we received concerning the benefits of a connected journey:

  • You can search for everything such as concerts in the area, restaurants, opening and closing times of museums, in addition to using GPS for real-time directions
  • I have easy access to e-tickets on mobile.
  • To check-in using my mobile is wonderful. On my last journey I’ve avoided a half an hour queue at the airport, which surely would have made me discontent.
  • It allows me to change my itinerary in a minute.
  • I love to be in touch with my travel agent in case of any problems. I've been in some very uncomfortable situations without this easy access.
  • It’s wonderful to eliminate the language barrier when ordering food and a taxi.

Negatives of a Connected Journey

When asked why someone would be opposed to a connected journey, many respondents simply could not answer, and some chose to joke about it in the absence of a good reason:

  • The proliferation of “Selfies”.
  • It’s too easy for my boss to reach me.
  • I don’t want people to know where I am.
  • It is awful when someone is so mobile-dependent that they don’t have time to enjoy the destination.

These opinions of Latin American travelersfollow global trends, which are soon becoming a rule in the industry. This tells us that we’re on the right track to create a better travel experience because connected trips will be one of the main pillars in shaping the future of travel.

Can you think of any reasons for or against creating a more connected travel experience? Let us know!


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