Connected anytime, anywhere: the benefits of Selling Platform Connect

Javier Pellón

Head of Insurance, Cruise & Ferry Businesses, Amadeus IT Group

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Our modern lifestyles are moving at a rapid pace, and today's professional expects the same service from their corporate tools as the tools used during our leisure time.


Today we connect from wherever is convenient for us when searching or shopping for our personal travel arrangements. We are constantly on the move and need that flexibility reflected in our online access - and that is precisely the flexibility that Amadeus offers to travel agencies who use Amadeus Selling Platform Connect.

The first fully online travel booking and fulfilment platform, it enables travel agencies to access their customers' bookings from any device with an internet connection, without the necessity to install any software.

The Web-based solution offers customers a number of capabilities to fit with their needs, giving them the flexibility to focus on their own clients and the growth of their business.

Please see the video below for an insight into a customer's thoughts on Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, from Gary Oakley, Vice President of Travel Services at House of Travel in Miami.

House of Travel goes 'mobile' with Amadeus Selling Platform Connect


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