How our community model helps airlines accelerate value creation

David Larvin

Vice President, Airlines Customer Unit - Airline Operations Suite, Amadeus

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“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller. This quote really captures the essence of what a community is. We believe in the power of communities to bring together stakeholders to work towards a common goal for the benefit of all. These elements are the pillars of the Amadeus Airlines Community Model.

Putting our customers at the heart of what we do

For over 30 years, we’ve been committed to listening to airlines to find the best solutions that meet their expectations. The Amadeus Airlines Community Model is successful with our members because it allows them to influence our focus by voting on priorities to meet the needs of the ever-changing industry. It is also a forum for airlines to network and exchange ideas throughout the year in a climate of trust.

If you’re a carrier and have implemented the Amadeus Altéa suite of solutions, or other eligible solutions, then you automatically become a part of this airline community wherein you can participate in the evolution of our solutions performed annually. 

Bringing value to our airline community: three key achievements

We are proud of our new community model because it has helped our airline partners extend their influence, increase the return on value of working together, and improve the speed of delivery of new solutions. Our constant efforts to help the industry be more simple, agile and open have resulted in three excellent achievements in 2019:

  • More influence from airlines with a new champion model

We are committed to being more open with our customers and one of our proudest achievements is the creation of the ‘Champion model’. We currently have 18 selected champions acting on behalf of the entire Amadeus airline community of more than 60 members, representing airlines’ best interest. Thanks to the close work with our active champion airlines, we have brought simplification at many levels: the customer feedback loop is shorter, the requirements are much clearer, and we are delivering more value with solutions that better match customer needs.

  • Increased value with more strategic investments

We have taken a more strategic approach with the new initiatives defined with the champions. Today, there are nine strategic investments currently in development, which include areas such as disruption, end-to-end fare families, customer management APIs, interline baggage, wet lease management, seating, and more. These projects already have successfully delivered more than 50 key milestones bringing benefits to airlines ranging from an improved customer experience and cost reduction through increased automation, to an increase in revenue.

  • Improved delivery by being more agile

Thanks to the agile techniques implemented in most of the streams and strong project management methodology, we have reduced time to market by half compared with the past community model. Our R&D team is committed to working closely with the champion airlines for continuous improvement and faster time to market.

“After 1 year, we can say that both sides had a very good experience and went through a learning curve. Now the champions are working with Amadeus as a team and can create value with the solution providers. We are trying to ensure that, what will be delivered, has the quality and solution content that the community voted for and the market has been requesting.” - Stephan Wegmann, Lufthansa Group

Engaging regularly with the airline community

In addition to regular webinars with the community, we have two events a year where our airline partners gain an overview of the investment areas that will be subject to their voting. We also hold community user groups for each topic that are targeted to solution experts.

Our commitment to collaboration is part of our promise to place customers at the heart of everything we do. The Amadeus Airlines Community Model is fundamental to that promise and we’re confident that it will bring our airline partners near term value and enable them to succeed well into the future.

Stay tuned to this blog as we explore in more detail some of the recent successes of this community.


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