The up and coming creators and doers talk tech at GO Youth Madrid

Emma Symington

Corporate Communications Senior Executive, Group Communications, Amadeus IT Group

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Millennials, millennials, millennials…Throughout the last decade, this generation has become more than a group of people. It’s a buzzword that everyone wants to use - who are they, what do they want/need, and how can they be pleased? These are the type of questions asked by companies who are looking to evolve their business, their organisation, and their products to engage the up and coming generation and survive and thrive.

It seems like millennials are hard to please. But what is it that they are really looking for? Last week, I, a millennial myself, joined my fellow millennials (between the ages of 24 and 34) at Go Youth Madrid. This event is for young entrepreneurs, professionals, recent graduates on the hunt for a job, and university students.

The non-profit event started in Lisbon six years ago by high schoolers who grew up in a time of a poor economic climate and high youth unemployment rates. They wanted to give young entrepreneurs like themselves a voice in a competitive marketplace. Today, Go Youth is one of Lisbon’s top annual innovation and creativity events. It aims to promote creativity and entrepreneurship among tech-oriented young people, from start-ups to multinationals.

As Madrid’s tech scene is more global and ambitious than ever before, Go Youth moved this year’s event to the Spanish capital and was sponsored by Amadeus and Uniplaces. 200 millennials got the chance to listen to world-class speakers, including MIT innovators, 11 Cannes Lions recipients, and Forbes 30 Under 30 personalities. Facebook, Reddit, Creative Curiosity, Job & Talent, Samaipata Ventures, Blablacar, were just a few of the companies that were represented by its younger generation of employees.

So what was the one thing we all agreed on? We are all too reliant on technology. It’s like a pack of Pringles – once you pop, you can’t stop.

We grew up with technology. And there is no going back. We expect it to be better, faster, cheaper, and integrated into everything we do. Far beyond demanding new tech, we are shaping how technology can and should be incorporated not only into our lives but everyone’s lives. Why? Because we all agree that a tech-enabled world, is a brighter world where magic can really happen!

The young up and coming creators and doers at Go Youth Madrid are looking at how to design and bring to market cool innovative tech that makes better individuals, organisations, and societies. We also heard from entrepreneurs themselves on tips on how to start your own business, attract the right people, build a demanded product and/service, and grow. The key ingredient is not one but three - people, product, profit.

Check out some of the tech showcased and discussed at #GoYouth.


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