Collaborative travel: travel wellbeing

Stuart Brocklehurst

Group Communications Director, Amadeus IT Group

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As a native English speaker (though my American colleagues may disagree with that) I’m always amused by the overhead messages on French motorways instructing “restez zen!” – keep calm!


Travel is one of the most stress-inducing experiences we voluntarily subject ourselves to – will I miss my departure, will it be on time, where do I go in this unfamiliar place, am I safe? Recent researchcommissioned by Amadeus  suggests that taking the stress out of travel will be increasingly important – for travellers and travel providers alike.

How can technology reduce stress? Automatic transit  can reduce queues; augmented reality can make it easier to navigate through rail stationsand airports. Amadeus is already piloting systems to reduce the number of lost and delayed bagsand in the future wider use of intelligent bag-tags will help this further.

Travellers acknowledge their own responsibility for looking after their health on the move, so mHealth applications – mobile device based monitoring and diagnosis tools – are likely to grow to meet this need. This will include devices embedded in our clothes.

Of course, enjoyable travel is about more than simply avoiding stress. Travellers are clamouring for deeper experiences – more on that in the next post.

For more information on trends relating to travel-stress, see Amadeus’ report on transformative travel.