Collaboration drives success

Svend Leirvaag

VP Industry Affairs, Amadeus IT Group

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As announced here at the IATA AGM in Dublin today, Amadeus has been certified by IATA on NDC-XML.  This top-level certification of Amadeus’ Altea PSS Suite confirms the technical capability of Amadeus to support shopping, booking, and ticketing using the IATA NDC-XML standard, in addition to the other solutions and services we offer airlines.

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Not only is this announcement a confirmation of Amadeus’ capacity to deliver technology solutions for our customers, but it also manifests our continuous commitment to implementing industry standards that work for, and deliver value across, the whole value chain - from airlines, to travel agencies and ultimately to the traveller.

Collaboration makes industry projects much more likely to succeed and significantly increases speed to market. Incorporating the needs of industry stakeholders creates value and efficiencies for everyone concerned.

This top-level certification by IATA is one of the many examples of the close collaboration between IATA and Amadeus. We are very pleased to see how industry collaboration is now at the centre of the NDC programme, and how different stakeholders, increasingly, are working together. IATA is one of the key contributors to be credited for this.

Another part of the credit for this evolution can be attributed to the establishment of the Airline Distribution Stakeholder Forum (ADSF), a joint initiative by IATA and Amadeus, to form a platform for dialogue among all stakeholders on how to develop and implement new standards for airline distribution. This is an open, inclusive forum that meets regularly, and comprises representatives from all parts of the global distribution value chain, including travel agency and travel buyer associations.

Stakeholders in our industry need to be involved and heard on industry issues that affect them to ensure these industry projects succeed. Involvement from the very beginning is a prerequisite for the support that ultimately drives adoption of new standards, and transforms that into business value.

So this certification by IATA is more a beginning than it is an end.  We continue to be actively engaged with IATA together with other industry stakeholders on several airline industry projects, to promote innovation and standards that will work across the value chain, and that improve the efficiency of our industry as a whole.

Today’s announcement confirms that collaboration drives success.


NDC, Industry Relations