Collaborating with our customers to shape the future of travel in WEMEA

David Doctor

Vice President, Provider Offer Management, Travel Channels, Amadeus IT Group

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At the end of January, we launched our refreshed brand identity with a focus to shape the future of travel. This goes way beyond the cosmetics of what we look like. So how do we actually shape the future of travel in Western Europe, the Middle East, and Africa?  When we discussed this with the WEMEA management team, we concluded that to collaborate closely with our customers was essential to fulfil this brand promise i.e. we shape the future of travel in the way that we engage and innovate with our customers to deliver what they need.



Amadeus Featured Results

A good example of this strong focus on working closely with our partners is Amadeus Featured Results, an innovative solution that Amadeus developed together with Vayama. It took us only 9 months from the concept phase to getting the solution to market, a solution which shortly afterwards got an award from Phocuswright. On the mobile front, our customers have embarked on a journey with us using our M-Power solution, a mobile travel management and booking application. Lycaflyhave contracted the application as their travel solution, a clear proof of claim for M-Power as they are part of a virtual mobile network operator.

Looking ahead to the next 3 to 5 years, WEMEA’s 3 sub regions (Western Europe, Middle East and North Africa, and Sub Saharan Africa) all show great potential for growth and are well positioned to achieve success. There are a number of exciting developments on the horizon, where we can make a difference to our customers. These include the roll out of Amadeus Light Ticketing Technology for low cost carriers such as easyJet and adding even more content to the existing 70 LCCs bookable today in Amadeus.

The importance of information

I believe the biggest opportunity we have is to better serve travellers through travel information. The flow of information and open access to that information will make the difference. Initiatives such as personalization and total trip servicing will only work when there is a seamless sharing of information by all parties involved. To do that, as an industry, we need to move the debate to focusing on sharing information to enrich travellers’ experiences. Amadeus is well positioned to make this a reality, because our community platform and system user single PNR concept makes the sharing of information easy.

david doctor

As the travel industry changes - we are well positioned to be ready for anything, thanks to our capacity to spend on R&D. Our global investment in R&D helps our customers manage industry trends and standards. So it is important for us to include them in the development process and that is why we have created the pilot customer program. Our second greatest asset for embracing change is being a global company with strong market representation. This helps us take into account local specifics and to develop local solutions, making sure our customers can get the most benefit out of using those solutions.

We’re learning more every day from our customers and from travellers thanks to being present in many points of the value chain. At the end of the day, we are all consumers and travel is just part of our overall consumption habits.

If you asked me personally what I am missing as a traveller I would say it’s time to bring the human elements back into travel! Travellers should be in control. Amadeus, with our customers can make travel even easier. When we think about that, we should ask how can we take the hassle out of travelling? One example I like to use is why do we still check in? Most travellers are doing this the night before, so it is no longer proof of presence...This type of question and many others, will help us shape the future of traveltogether.


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