Co-creation: the next step to better innovation

Francisco Javier Sanchez Gomez

Marketing Intelligence Specialist, Amadeus Spain

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Probably, one of the most interesting initiatives being developed is the Amadeus Lab, a virtual community of thirty Spanish travel agents who share their opinions and exchange ideas about present and future developments by Amadeus.

Francisco Javier


The Marketing Intelligence department at Amadeus España has been developing several initiatives based on active collaboration with travel agencies. However, new technologies and the latest marketing trends are revolutionizing research methods and techniques, and the information we obtain from our clients is now far more accurate, immediate and, above all, more qualified.

During community activities, we register about 1,500 comments through different tools such as web forums, blogs and micro surveys that help us gather some 323 pages of conclusions.

This community feedback is priceless for the evaluation and quality control of our products and solutions. With this in mind, Amadeus España recently developed a travel agency panel —Amadeus Key Users— composed of different travel agencies (large and small; leisure, business and mixed) that test our developments and products before they are launched.

They are not expected to carry out a technical analysis of products, but they do help us see how our new solutions fit in a travel agency’s daily work flow and how we can enhance them in order to increase their productivity and improve their working processes.

Participation and commitment of respondents is essential in our market research and we count on motivated travel agents who are keen to work with us and want to devote some of their time to providing feedback on new solutions.

For travel agents, belonging to the Amadeus España panel of agencies brings many advantages. The most immediate one is the chance to get advance knowledge of Amadeus products and services, and the ability to modify them so that they better meet their needs.

It is innovation in its purest form, because we understand that innovation is an exercise in co-creation between a client and their technology partner.


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