Cloud solutions present perfect match for hospitality industry

Bas Blommaart

Managing Director, Head of Property Management, Amadeus Hospitality

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Today’s technologies open up a whole new way to think about your IT investments and your business. For the hospitality industry, at Amadeus we start from a premise of open cloud-based ecosystem components, which share essential DNA and a single version of the truth.

The beauty of this approach is that it allows hotels to consume business critical services like property management differently from the usual on-premise model. With cloud Property Management Systems (PMS), they can subscribe to the services they need (and only the services they need, when they need them), and get billed only for what they have used at the end of the month.

This single version of the truth isn’t just something that sits on your PMS. Rather, components like availability, rates, and inventory, are accessible and shared by all applications which access it (e.g. a hotel Central Reservation System (CRS), PMS, etc.).

The cloud also allows us to think about how we deploy our solutions and educate our users more effectively: the latter is extremely significant for the hotel industry where there is such high staff rotation. With our cloud-native education solution we empower users to deliver differentiated brand experiences helping our hotel customers deliver on their guest promise.

We’re really excited about the opportunities and potential of the cloud to change the way we develop and deliver technology and the way we help our customers run their businesses better.

Have a look at this video for more about the potential of cloud technology in the hospitality industry.

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