Cloud based airport technology improves energy savings and efficiency

John Jarrell

Head of Airport IT, Amadeus IT Group

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Our recent airport IT report – IT makes sense to shareopened the debate within the airport community on whether they should adopt cloud-based Common Use systems and also highlights many of the benefits such systems offer.



The Benefits of Cloud Based Airport Technology

While cloud based platforms have the potential to alleviate rising business pressures from airport stakeholders and competitors – they can also provide an airport with remarkable energy savings and efficiency, thus leading to a moresustainable travel future.

By migrating to the cloud, travel providers push their computing requirements to the central data centre allowing the use of thin clients. These simple machines are best described as viewing platforms that allow agents to use a Passenger Services System (PSS) but they consume less energy than PCs, in part because they have far less moving parts.

The use of thin clients combined with a reduction in the number of airport servers and hardware equipment required results in less electrical power needed and, indirectly, a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

As an example, if 75% of the workstations at a 300-workstation airport switched to thin clients, the organisation would save the equivalent of more than 148 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions over a five-year period.

As I’ve mentioned previously, this amount of energy would allow a VW Golf TDI to circle the earth 27 times.While the numbers will differ for each airport, locations can potentially reduce energy usage by 30% compared to traditional CUTE solutions. Overall, switching to the cloud is a more efficient use of energy than trying to run computers on-site via server rooms and local data centres.

For more information on cloud based airport platforms – download our reportIT makes sense to shareand also be sure to have a look at theAmadeus Global Report 2013for further details on our sustainability initiatives.


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