Closing the gap between corporate and leisure travel

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This is Pascal Struyve's view of the future shape of business travel. Pascal is the Global Travel, Fleet & Meeting Services Director at Ingersoll Rand, a truly global industrial corporation.

“It’s all about the value proposition. It’s all about what you deliver for your customer.”

With an extensive travel management background in both the corporate and travel environment, he’s also a member of ACTE (Association of Corporate Travel Executives) and a former president of BATM (Belgian Association of Travel Management), where he’s now a board member.

Based at the EMEA HQ in Belgium, Pascal enjoys a close relationship with Amadeus Benelux, and they value his straightforward and honest feedback. As a member of the Benelux Amadeus Corporate Advisory Board, he was part of the initial think tank that resulted in the development and release of Amadeus Corporate Suite, an all-in-one solution to optimise business meetings.

With his knowledge of the industry, Pascal is well placed to keep a keen eye on its changing nature, its future challenges and opportunities.

We asked him to tell us about his vision for corporate travel. He believes that there’s a need to mirror the leisure travel industry, being more proactive with travellers rather than just fulfilling requests. As he says, “The word travel agent has to change to travel consultant.”

We asked Pascal about how his own company approaches the evolving industry, the opportunities and challenges, and how he believes it’s possible to meet ever more demanding customer expectations while retaining a focus on developing a more sustainable future.

Have a look at these videos in which Pascal explains how he sees the corporate travel industry moving forwards, what will change, and what won’t.

Conversation with Pascal Struyve, Ingersoll Rand, at WEMEA Leadership Forum 2014 Part 1
Conversation with Pascal Struyve, Ingersoll Rand, at WEMEA Leadership Forum 2014 Part 2


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