Close of the ideas for travel competition


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The ideas for travel competition comes to a close today. We've been inspired, delighted and impressed with the 818 entries received since we announced the competition back in December.

This blog has covered the topics that inspired competition entries, the countries responsible for the most ideas and how smartphones, the web and social media are key elements of the future of travel…which leaves only one thing left to announce, the winners.

The next steps will see our judging panel, whose identities were revealed last month, come together as a group to select the overall winning idea, which will receive the top prize of €20,000 and the opportunity to change the future of travel.

Additionally, we will be rewarding each of the five most popular ideas (which will exclude the overall winner), as voted by the public, with prizes of €2,000 each.

A final announcement will be made on the winners in early June and, though comments and voting will be closed, you can browse all the entries on the competition website.

So why not trawl the entries and see if your pick matches that of our distinguished judging panel?

Gordon Nardini can be found on Twitter at @flufforfact