What if we could save the world by removing carbon dioxide from the air?

Louise Charles

Communications Manager, Climeworks

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Concentrations of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere are increasing to unprecedented levels. This increased concentration of CO2 contributes to the increase in greenhouse gases covering the earth leading to global warming.

Our vision is to capture one percent of global CO2 emissions by 2025. At Climeworks, we have developed a technology not only to stop climate change, but to reverse climate change. Climeworks captures CO2 from ambient air with the world’s first commercial carbon dioxide removal technology. Our direct air capture plants capture CO2 with a patented filter and are powered by either waste or renewable energy. 

“The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued a special report on the impact of global warming, stating that we are not meeting our previous target of an increase of no more than 1.5°C . Instead, the world is heading for a 3°C increase in temperature. This is something that needs to be acted upon now, if we want to avoid dire consequences for our planet, and Climeworks is one of a few startups we have seen in the travel tech industry looking to make a difference,” says Stephanie Strunk, Amadeus Next, Asia Pacific.

“With 87% of travelers saying they want to travel sustainably, working with companies such as Climeworks is a key focus for Next. We look forward to introducing Climeworks to our customers in the travel industry, helping them to validate their models. Reversing emissions will become mandatory for many travel companies and we would like to work together with Climeworks and our customers to combat climate change.” 

At Climeworks, we capture CO2 and sell this to customers in the Food, Beverage and Agricultural as well as the Renewable Fuels and Materials industries. On top of this, we offer a service we call Carbon Dioxide Removal, enabling our customers to realize their climate goals by safely and permanently storing air-captured CO2 underground, and thereby stopping climate change from reaching dangerous levels. 

We are pleased to be working with partners such as Amadeus and are very proud that Climeworks can help contribute to the long-term sustainability of the industry. Visit the Climeworks website for more information.


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