China’s aviation industry is moving at full speed

Andy Yang

Vice President of China and Mongolia, Airline IT, Amadeus IT Group

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Since I joined the Amadeus family eight months ago, it has been a non-stop, exciting journey: getting to know the company, the business and the people, and also contributing to Amadeus’ commercial efforts in China.

city landscape

Xiamen, China

Why is China such an important market for Amadeus?

IATAestimatesthat by 2034, China will be the fastest growing market for new passengers annually, so it comes as no surprise that China is a key strategic market for Amadeus. We’re fully committed to providing state-of-art IT solutions to support Chinese carriers in their spectacular growth and expansion plans, and helping them to better serve their customers.

How are we doing this?

Firstly, we have built a strong Mandarin-speaking team who have both the business and IT expertise to get closer to our customers. Furthermore, our standalone IT solutions are helping to shape the future of travel in China, regardless of the Passenger Services System (PSS) the airline is using.

China is very much 'in touch' with growing industry trends, such as: merchandising, personalisation, innovation, customer experience and disruption. It is very relevant therefore, that we are developing next-generation solutions that respond to these trends, addressing the needs of Chinese carriers whilst enabling them to compete on the international playing field. A major part of this collaboration is listening to what our customers have to say, which we do at events like the 2nd Amadeus Airline Forum China 2015 that recently took place in the beautiful city of Xiamen. This event was very much appreciated by our Chinese carriers who have requested that we repeat such a forum each year, so as to showcase our evolving solution portfolio. These events also present the opportunity to build relationships, credibility and trust - all of which are extremely important in Chinese culture.

We’re making great progress elsewhere in the Chinese market and are delighted to have signed a partnership withShije99, China’s leading travel e-commerce aggregator. We look forward to continued success in this growing market place - so watch this space for new signatures in the near future!


Asia Pacific, China