CheckMyTrip is the World’s Leading Travel App in 2019!

Pernille Fisker

Marketing Manager, Mobile, Amadeus

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CheckMyTrip wins the World’s Leading Travel App for a second year in a row at the World Travel Awards

Pernille Fisker, Marketing Manager, Mobile and Cigdem Cevikbas, Mobile & Traveler Servicing Portfolio Manager, Amadeus with the award
Pernille Fisker, Marketing Manager, Mobile and Cigdem Cevikbas, Mobile & Traveler Servicing Portfolio Manager, Amadeus with the award

Personally, crossing continents to reach the awards ceremony in Muscat, Oman is the perfect manifestation of what CheckMyTrip can do for travelers. For me, it keeps track of everything - from my itinerary and checking-in to booking my transfer and a city tour all through the app. I also know that the ancillary services are reliable, reducing any stress and uncertainty – so I can just focus on enjoying the trip.  

Travelers are at the heart of what we do.  We are honored to receive this recognition and especially want to thank the millions of travelers who take CheckMyTrip with them on their journeys. 

Nearly 2.5 million trips are added each month to CheckMyTrip with travelers consistently praising it for ease of use, proactive notifications and utility. Our iOS app maintains a 4.7 star rating, while our newer Android version enjoys a 4.5 star rating. Reviews are key as they allow us to learn about traveler preferences and the challenges they face when on the go.

But innovation doesn’t stop. That’s why throughout the last year, we analyzed traveler feedback and behavior to test and implement several new features and destination services such as rental car booking and airport lounges. It takes a village to build a great travel app, which is why we partner with over 20 top travel brands. Our objective is to create memorable experiences that allow business and leisure travelers alike to feel like a local wherever they go.  CheckMyTrip is a rich proving ground for the customizable Amadeus Mobile solutions used by over 80 of the world’s top travel companies.

Our mobile success is a reflection of the Live Travel Space. We are meeting travel players in an open, dynamic and connected way with mobile-first solutions that enable them to serve today’s travelers at every step of their journeys.  Building stronger traveler relationships and loyalty through mobile is essential for travel brands to successfully grow in the rapidly evolving travel marketplace. 

Winning this award for a second year in a row drives us further in our quest to create better travel experiences. Travel is Mobile and rapidly evolving – chatbots, voice assistants, and 5G are changing the landscape as we speak. According to the GSMA, 5G growth is expected to accelerate and make up almost 50% of broadband connections in the next 5 years. This will mean even faster searches, richer video and virtual reality content access for travelers – even more tools for brands to guide travelers’ experience through mobile. That’s why we never stop gathering insights from CheckMyTrip and work diligently alongside our partners and customers to continue innovating. 

Experience is everything! Download and take CheckMyTrip on your next journey.  Join us on Facebook and tell us what excites you and more importantly where you need our app to work harder for you.  

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