The changing tide of pride for LGBT+ communities around the world

Gary Schroeder

Head of Custom Solutions Delivery, APAC, Amadeus IT Group

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Before joining Amadeus Bangkok in 2013, I used to live in Seattle. The Emerald City plays host to an ever-growing tech community. Besides a love for technology, many of these companies have another thing in common: they all have very strong and prominent LGBT policies and they publicly support LGBT activities.

The changing tide of pride for LGBT+ communities around the world

Times are changing and things are getting better for the LTGB community, but there are still challenges ahead and we need to challenge the status quo.

Traditionally, June is LGBT+ Pride Month in many cities around the world. It also happens to mark the one year anniversary of the forming of the Amadeus Proud employee LGBT+ network. We support the LGBT community within Amadeus by doing the following:

  • providing support and networking opportunities for members
  • encouraging further LGBT-friendly changes in the work environment
  • promoting activities within Amadeus that raise awareness about our LGBT+ community
  • building and leveraging networking and activities with other local LGBT groups

The group is open to all Amadeus employees, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. We currently have 65 members out of which approximately 40% are allies. I find this figure to be very encouraging as it shows we have people supporting the initiative even if they’re not part of the LGBT community.

We have felt the support from Amadeus management ever since the idea for the network began. However, the road is still long and we can always use more support.

So, what else can we do to make Amadeus and other companies more LGBT friendly? Efforts should focus on showcasing our support for the cause. This can be done in a variety of ways: attending events, hosting an internal community, and helping drive local LGBT initiatives, events and activities.

Amadeus already has a Chief Diversity Offer and speaks publicly about its diversity and inclusion policies, but there are more things we can do to contribute to the cause. I hope more Amadeus offices around the world create their own LGBT+ employee groups and join us to celebrate #Pride Month.