Celebrating 25 years: Putting our customers first

Luc Pannecoeck

General Manager, Amadeus Benelux

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As a new company, we knew we had to put in a lot of hard work in order to live up to the trust that our customers were placing in us. I think that those days helped forge the unique Amadeus culture that combines diversity with unity of purpose in putting our customers first.

Editor’s Note: It’s been 25 years since Amadeus was founded and in celebration of this special occasion we’re recognising employees who have been with us from the beginning. Throughout the week this blog will feature posts by longtime Amadeus employees– giving them an opportunity to reflect on their experiences here.

1993 amadeus central

I joined Amadeus 19 years ago, in October of 1993, to lead the Amadeus team in Benelux from Sabena, the national carrier in Belgium. The office in Belgium had been set up four years earlier and was one of the first local commercial organizations opened outside the home countries of the founding airlines. Back then, there were five or six of us on the team, we had fewer than ten customers. We were the underdog.

An excellent example of this, and one of my fondest memories, happened in 2001. There were six people at our Amsterdam office at the time, which had been set up four years earlier. We were participating in three different RFP processes – and we were the selected provider in all three!

It was August and all three of our new customers wanted to migrate to our system by the end of the year. We needed to get it all working, migrate over 3000 terminals and provide training in just 5 months!

Amadeus teams from around the world pulled together to make it happen. About 20 people came to Amsterdam from teams in Argentina, Turkey, the US … from all over Amadeus. It was an incredible time, and an incredible mix of cultures.

That great mix of cultures allows you to grow as a person and as a professional, and I am pleased that we can keep that same spirit alive within Amadeus Benelux today, where our team of about 70 people in our offices in Belgium and the Netherlands work as one team, along with what may be the smallest Amadeus office in the world – our one-person office in Luxembourg.