Celebrating 25 years: Amadeus, from project to leading global company

Maria de Dios

Director, Customer Service Management (ADP/DC), Amadeus IT Group

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Back then, Amadeus was just a project funded by airlines. At that time, I was still an Iberia employee working on the project - my first Amadeus contract would come a year later, in 1988. Of the 5 people from Iberia that started in Amadeus in 1987, 4 of us are still around (Gabriel and Manel in Miami, and Iziar and me in Erding).


Editor’s Note: It’s been 25 years since Amadeus was founded and in celebration of this special occasion we’re recognising employees who have been with us from the beginning. Throughout this week we have featured posts by longtime Amadeus employees – giving them an opportunity to reflect on their experiences here.

I will have been at Amadeus for 25 years on the 1st of December. I was working at Iberia as a Software Engineer, and was interviewed by Jose Antonio Tazón (our previous President and CEO) for a 3 month project in Miami, later to be based in Germany for a couple of years. I was young, and the idea of a short stint abroad appealed to me. I went to Miami, and those 3 months turned into 2 years.

Amadeus has changed quite a bit since those first days in Miami with System One…although the best part of Amadeus, the culture and the people, remain the same. To a certain extent, I think that the environment we had at the beginning, the close camaraderie that we built up in those first 2 years contributed to the company culture that is so important to Amadeus. The people at Amadeus, the spirit of cooperation and working together across departments and locations , is definitely what I value most about Amadeus.

Looking back over these past 25 years, I think one of the main achievements, together with the stability and reputation we built up, has been the creation of Altéa and Airline IT. It’s also been the main challenge I have faced! But without a doubt, it’s been a great success for Amadeus.

I was at the Erding facility inauguration, although I went back to Miami for a few months before settling in to Erding, where I still work today. To give you a glimpse into those days, unbelievable as though it might seem today, we didn’t have emails. Information was placed in shared libraries, and if you were logged into the mainframe, we had an archaic version of email called “PROFS”, which was purely for text messages with no attachments (which had its advantages too). VM/PROFS/ also worked as an internal chat system, with the great advantage of being able to recover an erroneous message and delete it before your recipient saw it – something not always possible with email & blackberry today! So you see, those early days weren’t so bad technology wise…I have to confess; even today I still occasionally use the “CODP green screen” to look up flight information!

I went to Miami for a 3 month project, and I’m still working at Amadeus 25 years later. There are many fond memories, and many great colleagues and friends made along the way. Amadeus has shaped my career, and my life, profoundly.

Happy 25th anniversary, Amadeus!