Catering to young and tech-savvy explorers

Katherine Grass

Head of Innovation and Ventures, Amadeus IT Group

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NextGen travellers are no longer a traveller segment of the future. Aged between 18 and 30, these smart technology users are already here and growing strong. They are looking to be supported in their adventure planning by innovative, unique and differentiated travel technologies.


NextGens are constantly seeking new opportunities, but they are open to professional and personalised travel enhancements.

Supporting our NextGen travellers

This vibrant, dynamic, and tech-savvy group of travellers need to feel in control. Ideas have already landed in their heads, and they expect smart, customer-focused and sustainable travel service providers to support them. These ‘explorers’ also value interactive, authentic and permanent engagement with their travel industry providers. They like knowing that if anything goes wrong or if they are looking for additional services and information, help will be there at their fingertips.

We want to match NextGen travellers’ needs with NextGen travel attitudes and technology. Check out our videoand accompany us as we shape the future of travel for this important demographic.

Traveller Trend Observatory: NextGens and the Future of Travel


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