How IT can strengthen the airport value proposition to benefit airlines and passengers

John Jarrell

Head of Airport IT, Amadeus IT Group

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In the past, when faced with competition, we have seen airports compete predominantly on financial terms. However, the reality is that this is no longer enough.

To explore how IT can strengthen the airport value proposition to bring greater value for airlines and passengers, we commissioned Frost & Sullivan to investigate how, by taking a more sophisticated approach to technology, airports can make modern technology a differentiator and build value for themselves, for airlines and for passengers alike.


The report Strengthening the Airport Value Proposition, finds that by incorporating IT into its value proposition, an airport can strengthen its positioning and points of differentiation in both the passenger experience and operational efficiency. Cost savings for customers may emerge as well as enhanced business models, which will strengthen the relationship between airports, airlines, other tenants, and passengers.

Airlines have more complex needs than ever before, and using financial incentives no longer has the impact it once did. It is therefore incumbent upon airport operators to demonstrate the value that they bring in the two areas of operational efficiency and passenger experience.

Modern technology now offers airports a significant tool to enhance the value that they offer to airlines. It offers quantifiable advantages in easing the passenger journey, and therefore enhancing the travel experience, and in terms of operational efficiency, both in terms of improved productivity and cost reduction for airlines.

For too long there has often been misalignment between what airlines and what airports see as their objectives and priorities. While of course there will always be differences, as they have different business models, what they both share is a desire to please and deliver on customer expectations. By focussing on the passenger, it creates an immediate focus of shared interest.

At Amadeus, we are committed to helping make the airport of the future a reality. So we hope this paper provides a source of insight, as well as some practical recommendations, as we work together in supporting the delivery of better journeys for all.

Download the full Strengthening the Airport Value Proposition report here.