Calling all web developers: get our open source JavaScript framework now

Denis Lacroix

SVP, Core Shared Services, Amadeus

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Development of ARIA Templates began in 2009 and went open source in June 2012 after several months of preparation.


We would like to invite all web developers to check out our open source JavaScript client-side templating engine - ARIA Templates.

This powerful development tool is designed for UI developers to ease development of robust and scalable enterprise web applications. It is based on the familiar MVC pattern, which allows for clear code design, reuse, and sharing. This also makes application customisation a breeze.

Because it is used in critical production environments, the performance and reliability of ARIA Templates is constantly monitored and improved.

You can grab the source code on Githuband access all the necessary files, documentation, and guides you need to get started on the official ARIA Templates website.


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