Make your next business trip stress-free with the cytric mobile app

Lydie Charpin

Global Head of Corporation Solutions, Amadeus

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Business travel spend globally is set to reach $1.6 trillion in 2020. It means a quantum jump in the number of people traveling for work.

Technology is keeping pace with this trend and we can now choose from a wide range of options to stay connected and manage our business trips, for example mobile apps, to ensure the experience is productive and stress-free.

App Annie (a company that is a member of the Amadeus Mobile COLLECTIVE) estimates in 2017 that downloads for travel apps worldwide grew 15%. The impressive download growth is led by China, followed by the U.S. India, Russia and Brazil. App Annie also found that consumers spend around three hours on average in various apps each day.  Average minutes per day in apps are generally increasing across both mature and emerging markets. It’s clear that apps have an important role to play for business travelers.

At Amadeus, we’re powering smarter business travel and ensuring corporate travelers around the world have the most productive trips, thanks to the technology in their pocket. Our new cytric mobile app has a host of smart features that help flawlessly manage every part of a business trip: 

  1. Book your entire trip up to the last mile: Book your flight, train, hotel, transfers and car with the best in-policy offers from the comfort of your office or while on the move.
  2. Stay on top of your schedule… anywhere, anytime: Consult your itinerary, check-in and get your mobile ticket all in the one app.
  3. All you need to know about your destination: Check out real-time information updates about your destination such as currency conversion, weather and emergency contacts.
  4. Manage travel expenses on the go: With optical character recognition and machine learning technology, you can capture, check, edit and submit receipts from the app. Managers can also approve trip and expense requests on the go.
  5. Adapt and get help when plans change: Get notified about flight modifications and risk alerts. Disruption alerts and risk management are key for traveler comfort and safety, and for the corporations who employ them.

Available on Android and iOS, the Amadeus cytric mobile app has everything that today’s business traveler needs. For corporations who want to brand their own mobile travel app, our Amadeus Mobile platform enables you to customize a white label version for your needs. To learn more, visit our website.



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