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Offer your business travellers a personalised journey

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The age of data, apps and instant messaging has created technological expectations with consumers. And that includes business travellers. Discover how you can offer them a personalised journey in this #shorttrip

Business travellers today want to be in control of their experience. They want choices and a personalised trajectory, entirely adjusted to their wants and needs. Technology is the key to that evolution, so join us and survey the most impactful technological innovations of today and tomorrow.

The next step? Transforming data into tools

Travel managers and companies have access to huge amounts of travel data, but what do they do with it? Business managers are still waiting for the revolutionary apps that can make their life easier, and allow them to personalise their business travel offering. This article provides on overview of ongoing innovations.

Business Travelers Are Still Waiting for Personalization(EN)

Activating voice search in the office

Most travel organisations rely on search to reach their consumers. But that mechanism is changing fundamentally thanks to the mobile boom and accompanying voice search functionality. We’ve found an interesting article on voice search in the travel industry.

Voice search and its impact on the travel industry(EN)