1.0…2.0…3.0 GO! Business travel is as mission-critical as ever

Arlene Coyle

Global Head of Corporation Sales, Amadeus

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Business travel is as mission-critical to global corporations as it’s ever been. Travel is an overhead but it’s also a vital launch-pad for strengthening key business relationships and creating new partnerships, opening new markets and generating new revenues.


In their personal lives travellers enjoy choice, freedom and personalised experience, be it in leisure travel or in online shopping. The internet and access to data, with smart algorithms have made all this possible, and expected. These experienced and empowered individuals are now expecting something similar from their business travel experience.

As a result of this rise in consumer power, the biggest question facing travel management companiesand their clients is no longer how best to control travel costs. Instead, the biggest challenges are the following two elements:

  1. How to remain competitive in a digital world.
    Today’s business travelers are connecting across multiple devices for their personal travel, and are expecting to be able to get that same experience for managed travel. The TMCs and major business travel agencies are trying to come to grips with the fact that providing travel and transport in an itinerary is no longer enough. In fact the real service to business travellers is knowing what they want, what they are likely to want and creating an experience pre trip such as lounge and seat access, or providing destination services on the go.

  3. How to respond to the evolving needs of the new, connected business traveller. At the core of the managed travel challenge today is the traveller, who is firmly in the driving seat and the fact is that travellers want so much more.  It is not enough to assume that if your travellers never booked cab services via the agency, they never will. Understanding the Uber effect, or the Airbnb effect is key also to managed travel. It has never been easier to book away, or to 'book beyond' as I prefer to call it. Putting the delight back into travel is what it should be about, connecting people and creating experience, this is something we all crave and whoever cracks that nut will certainly lead the change and create a much more travel friendly and dare I say it corporate friendly experience.

Over the past months, together with my team I have been working on the new Managed travel 3.0 campaign. Our campaign talks to each of the players and illustrates how as the technology player at the heart of the travel ecosystem, Amadeus plays a key role in connecting the dots.

“There’s so much more…”  “Look Again!” are the calls to action of our 3.0 Managed travel vision.

So as a business traveller, am I excited about my business trips of the future? Yes I am.

Do I believe a change will happen? Yes I do. Technology combined with data and service will make managed travel more personal, more targeted and more relevant than ever. Embracing this change will create a true experience for the business traveller. Now it is time for the managed travel players to Look again!


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