Business travel: How a little personalisation can go a long way

Jaz Sangha

Global Brand Communications & Measurement Executive, Amadeus IT Group

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Close your eyes and imagine your next business trip. Speedy boarding to avoid being stuck behind that group of exchange students every flight seems to have. You have a cup of coffee waiting for you at your favourite coffee chain on the way to your boarding gate. You have your copy of your preferred financial newspaper handed to you. And to top it all off, a front row aisle seat. Business travel heaven.


Now think of how long it would take for you to have all of this booked in advance. If at all possible, that is. How cool would it be if you had all of these offered to you right away based on previous journeys? Something from your wildest business travel dreams, right?

Actually, this is possible today. From a chauffeur driven car waiting to take you to the airport to your preferred seating options already in mind whilst booking. Your travel reality isn’t so far away from your travel dreams. You can even find somewhere to go for dinner based on user generated content from other like-minded business travellers.

Take Anna for example. Anna is a director of IT Systems at General Industries, which means like most road warriors, she spends a lot of time travelling. She’s an Obligation Meeteraccording to our Future Traveller Tribes 2030 reports. For her, personalisation means a more comfortable and efficient corporate travel experience. Just how different can her trip be when facilitated by personalisation?

Have a look at this infographicwhich tells a story about Anna’s journey and the contrast between a Personalised and Non-Personalised travel experience and see how your business travel dreams are closer to reality than you think.


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