Business Travel Gets Personal – Amadeus’ annual business travel survey highlights

Diane Bouzebiba

Managing Director, Amadeus UK and Ireland

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Efficiency, along with personalisation are themes that resonate throughout the report. The findings indicate that as the number of trips taken increases, travellers prize efficiency, connectivity and productivity above all else. As part of this drive for efficiency, many travellers expect to be able to do exactly what they want at the click of a button. Specifically it shows, that a significant number of travellers - 48% - are able to make their own corporate travel bookings through an online system, 79% can make hotel bookings, 77% can make new flight bookings while 60% can book train tickets.  Self-governed travel is becoming a widespread reality with the majority of travellers making their own way on the last leg of their journey rather than seeking help for the taxi or car to their hotel.


Priorities in business travel are constantly changing, and meeting the continually evolving requirements of tomorrow’s traveller inevitably presents challenges as well as opportunities for industry stakeholders, including Amadeus, toshape the future of travel. Our second edition ofAmadeus Business Travel Insights: Business Travel Gets Personalhas once again recorded an invaluable snapshot in time of the requirements and experiences of UK and Irish business travellers today. The research, based on an online survey of over 400 business travellers, launches today and I wanted to take you through some of our key findings.

Efficiency and personalisation

Despite the increasing availability of self managedtravel technology, around half of the travellers we spoke to will make their initial booking through their agent or TMC.  Furthermore, of the 51% of survey respondents that had to make changes to their travel plans after booking the travel but before departure, around 60% of these people will turn to their agent for help with the amended booking. We also found that seniority also has a big impact on whether travellers want to book travel themselves, with many director-level and above (an average of nearly 60%) opting for TMC support at the outset of booking.

As policies evolve though, there is a rise in the need for consultancy from the agent to help people fully understand their travel policies as nearly 20% of our respondents were unclear on mobile phone roaming charges which could have huge implications for cost control. Also around half of our travellers were out of pocket for expenses they deemed as related to work travel but fell outside of policy or were too difficult to claim back.

Travel is a powerful asset to corporate life, but only if it fits the needs and behaviours of the traveller. When it does, it plays a significant role in employee satisfaction; almost all respondents (96%) either like or do not mind travelling for business, while 55% find business trips interesting.

This year we took the personal preference analysis a stage further and we grouped the different types of traveller into four categories to help illustrate the diversity that travel management policies need to address. This research is indicative, since travellers will inevitably cross-over into a few categories, but understanding employee motivation at this level will undoubtedly lead to a better service for the traveller. Considering the pivotal role business travel plays in employee and customer satisfaction, we are glad to see increased investment in the number of trips businesses are approving.

Our focus at Amadeus is to support corporate travel departments to cater to the individual and evolving needs of the traveller of tomorrow, by streamlining the entire lifecycle of a trip; from research and planning, booking and amendment, right through to post-trip expense reporting and analysis. We believe that travel managers and TMCs who aim to deliver a more personalised and connected travel experience will be rewarded with greater policy compliance and efficiency gains as a result.

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