How we’re putting the needs of business travel agencies first

Rajiv Rajian

EVP of Business Travel Agencies, Travel Channels, Amadeus

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Business travel is inherently valuable, generating over €1.3 trillion for the global economy in 2018 and growing at 7% per annum. Whether you’re out there trying to build customer relationships, bringing teams together to strengthen an organizational culture, or expanding your network at an industry conference, face-to-face interaction makes the difference. In today’s global economy, business travel is a strategic necessity in making organizations successful. And looking after business travelers throughout their journey until they arrive back home safely is more important than ever.

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Based on what our customers tell us and on our own observations, we believe there are opportunities to continue to improve the business travel experience. We also believe that business travel agencies will continue to play a critical role in helping corporations realize maximum value from their travel programs, and this includes supporting business travelerswhen the unexpected happens.

But the playing field has changed. Business travel agencies offer managed travel services to companies of all sizes. These companies expect their agencies to help optimize travel spend and stay compliant on policy and duty of care while delivering great traveler service. Of course, with ongoing cost and revenue pressure, business travel agenciesalso look to further automate processes, drive efficiencies and tap into higher margin opportunities. So our customers are looking for support to provide new and enhanced services, with a big focus on continued adoption of corporate booking tools and mobile services, and to grow attachment rates for a broader range of lodging and ground transportation options.

For us this means giving access to greater aggregated global and local content. It means intelligent search and automation solutions for agenciesto manage the complexity of business travel and more efficiently offer a personalized customer experience. It also means being open to exploring new opportunities to help them reshape the business travel experience around today’s corporate citizen. We are committed to working with our customers to find the right answers to these challenges and push the traditional boundaries. And there is no player better positioned than Amadeus to do that.

I am excited about our evolutionbecause it puts business travel agencies at the heart of everything we do. We have a clear road map to provide solutions that enable business travel agencies to address the challenges they face. We also work with our customers to leverage our significant technology investments to power and complement their own solutions. Most importantly, our evolved Travel Channels organization will ensure our customers benefit from our local presence backed by a global team of experts with a singular focus on the business travel space.

Business travel is big business. My team and I come to work every day with one goal top of mind: helping our customers succeed. It’s really that simple.

Stay tuned for updates on how we’re working with all of our customers to shape the future of business travel.


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