Building a better portfolio for Tour Operators

Joost Schuring

Vice President of EMEA, Amadeus IT Group

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Strong partnerships have been a big part of our success. That is why we are delighted to increase our stake in Hiberus Travel, a tour operator technology provider, from 24.88% to 95%. Hiberus Travel’s suite of products cover a broad range of tour operator’s’ needs. They fit well with our solution set, which is also an important component of our broader vision for travel sellers worldwide.

We see great value in Hiberus Travel’s technology. It will be key in helping us assist tour operators and other travel sellers to improve their operations and expand their business. Hiberus Travel, will be known as Travel IMS, an Amadeus company. It will benefit from our investment in R&D – EUR 5.7 billion since 2004 – and our extensive geographical footprint across 190 countries.

Hiberus Travel is best known for TravelIO, an innovative inventory management software used by leading tour operators. The company previously belonged to Grupo Hiberus Tecnología, a part of Grupo Henneo, which will hold the remaining 5% stake.

Currently, we work with over 2,000 tour operators that assemble and sell, either directly or indirectly, packages to travelers. This deal will further contribute to offering these customers support in sourcing their content more efficiently. It will also help them personalize their package production, and expand their distribution reach. For over 30 years, we’ve invested in long-term business relationships based on trust. This acquisition is a prime example of how we’re continuing this tradition. We look forward to working with the Hiberus team to shape the tour operator industry all around the world.


Travel IMS, an Amadeus company for more details.


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