Bringing together the best Travel Tech vendors to Travel Agencies around the globe

Fernando Cuesta

Managing Director, Spain & Portugal, Amadeus

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It is good to see how far the Amadeus Partner Network has come in its first year and a half: the solution is now available to partners in 42 countries worldwide, including the US, Germany, Scandinavia, Australia, Brazil and Mexico with more to come. What’s more, since its launch it has more than doubled its number of registered partner companies to 61, and has a remarkable 84 partner solutions published on the directory.

Bringing together the best Travel Tech vendors to Travel Agencies around the globe

The platform was first launched in North America in June 2011 with the aim of bringing together Amadeus connected travel agencies with trusted technology providers. Local technology providers welcomed the initiative, giving them the compatibility and functionality they needed to reach out to Amadeus’ vast travel agency network. Since then, the network has managed to generate an impressive number of leads and continues to generate multiple leads every month for each partner solution.

Why is the platform so valuable to both travel technology vendors and travel agencies? Well, it’s a unique hub, which brings together the best-in-class of both worlds, unlocking countless opportunities for collaboration, innovation and partnership, whilst providing the peace of mind of having travel tech solutions fully optimised to work with Amadeus.

Agencies are able to select tailor-made solutions that can streamline the whole travel process and improve travellers’ experience to a whole new level. We had the chance to recently speak to Edward Tam of Lotus Tours, a travel agency based in Asia Pacific, and he mentioned to us how Partner Network has unlocked vast opportunities in these areas. For the first time Lotus Tours would be able to deliver targeted email campaigns to customers based on preferences and purchase history, whilst reducing costs. However, he mentioned the most important asset was the ability to bring the right messages, products and campaigns to the right customers, as a result gaining their loyalty.

From a Partner perspective, the possibilities are endless. Booking Builder Technologies, a network partner, discovered the leverage they needed to boost their business. Seth Perelman, CEO, commented to us how the network facilitated their initial integration with Amadeus and our mutual customers, while ensuring compatibility and functionality across platforms. Moreover, they highlighted how this initiative clearly demonstrates Amadeus’ commitment to meeting the ever changing needs of the travel agency community.

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