Bringing the Internet of Things to your next journey with Sigfox

Pascal Albericci

Research, Innovation and Ventures, Amadeus

The Internet of Things (IoT) and travel go together like peanut butter and jelly. That’s why we’re so excited to be partnering with the world’s leading IoT service provider, Sigfox. Together, we’re going to explore use cases where IoT technology could solve some of the challenges faced by travelers throughout their journeys.

Sigfox has one of the widest coverage footprints, currently covering 1 billion people and connecting 2.5 million devices in over 50 countries with an aim to connect 100 million by 2019. By combining Sigfox’s knowhow in IoT with Amadeus’ travel and technological expertise, we believe we will be able to unearth the full potential, feasibility and scalability of IoT for the travel industry.

At Connect in Berlin, Sigfox’s annual event dedicated to IoT, a number of interesting use cases were explored. These included  cases looking at ‘smart cities’ – helping authorities to manage city lighting and waste, as well as other cases like ’connecting the maritime industry’ or ‘smart living’. But the big news at the event was the launch of ‘Bubbles’ - small devices which can be placed anywhere in a matter of seconds and can transmit radio signals that define its radius.

Bubbles will help deliver a brand-new experience for location services by offering high autonomy at an affordable price. Also announced was Sigfox’s ambition to offer connectivity services globally through satellite connectivity, even in the most remote areas by 2020.

IoT is a huge market which has far reaching implications for a number of industries, especially travel. We hope that by exploring this technology, we can address our customers’ pain points and discover new business opportunities.

Connect in Berlin
Connect, Sigfox’s annual event dedicated to IoT, held in Berlin