Bringing collaboration to the global travel ecosystem

Ben Hunt

Group Communications Director, Amadeus IT Group

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Amadeus yesterday outlined plans for the delivery of the technology components it believes must be put in place to enable the airline industry to begin realizing  a potential of more than $130bn in additional revenues by 2020.


But technology, in terms of merchandisingretailing systemsand the PSS, as well as the Travel Intelligence and personalizationtools that will bind them together are only enablers to doing better business.

Our vision goes beyond technology and retailing, however, and will ultimately be transformed by a third dimension where the opportunity exists to evolve merchandising and retailing in our industry and to create a new space for revenue generation: collaboration.

But what does collaboration really mean?

In the global travel ecosystemcollaboration means bringing the full spectrum of travel players and intermediaries together – airlines, travel agencies and travel management companies of course, but also corporations, hotels, rail companies, digital groups – as well as evolving areas of focus for the industry such as user generated content, social media networks and business intelligence.

The global travel ecosystem can allow all parties to connect, partner and share information across all touch points, developing a single view of the customer and true insights.

With those insights, the traveler’s history, preferences, loyalty – willingly shared in exchange for real value – we can follow and support the entire journey, predicting and fulfilling his or her unexpressed needs and wants at each point. That’s an environment in which new business models and revenue opportunities are within reach.

Amadeus is investing in developing systems across the global travel ecosystem – in airline IT, distribution and retailing; in hotel , airport and rail IT;  in mobile, new media and in payments, and in Travel Intelligence– and we believe this places us in a unique position to help the industry achieve its goals.

In the coming weeks and months we look forward to talking with our customers about how we can help them achieve their goals too.

If you’d like to learn more about the global travel ecosystem go to Amadeus.com/130by2020


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