Booking business with the leisure experience

Ingrid Picard

Managing Director - Corporations, Amadeus

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How many times have you travelled on business and thought ‘how can it be so easy to mix and match when I’m planning my holiday and so hard to get to this meeting?’

For too long, business travel technology has stood separate from leisure and has lagged behind when it came to consumer expectations. This has only been amplified with the recent advances in mobile technology.

Today, business travellers want to get at least the same, if not better, experience when they book. They want their journey to be unique, they expect suppliers to understand them and know their preferences, ie. which hotel they like or what time they like to hold meetings.  

They want to be able to book, rebook, change, claim an expense anytime anywhere through any device. They want more information, personalisation and choice.  

Travellers want the widest and most in-depth content so they don’t have a reason to leave their app. They want to be treated as an individual. 

Now, corporations are waking up to this. They realise that everyone wins.  

For example, the benefits of offering the best content in a booking tool is three-fold. Not only is the traveller happier, but it allows the business to manage travel and expense in a more holistic way, handling not just the cost when it happens (processing expenses), but influencing what is spent in the future thanks to a more informed sourcing, buying and booking decision.  

And thirdly, travellers are more likely to stay within the booking tool, which means staying within the corporate travel policy. We all know that a policy is only effective when your people use it, so adoption has to be easy. 

Recent research found that companies with compliance rates of more than 80% can achieve 23% lower total indirect costs per traveller. That’s a huge impact on your bottom line.

Giving your people the power over their travel has so many gains. For example, it’s the smallest things that can cause the most frustration. A recent Amadeus survey [insert link] revealed that “making changes to bookings” ranks number three in the top 10 pain points for travellers.

So having a booking tool with the ability to make trip changes on your mobile without needing to call a travel consultant is a godsend. 

All this is possible with the new Amadeus cytric Travel and Expense. You can book flights, rail travel, hotel rooms, and more online anytime, anywhere. Bookings can even be made directly from everyday applications such as Outlook and Salesforce. 

And with technology such as Amadeus Ticket Changer, you can move your flights around in real-time, saving you time and agent fees.

So get control of your corporation travel program with an agile, integrated end-to-end solution that helps your employees focus on what is important - your business. 

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