Harnessing the potential of blockchain in travel

Katherine Grass

Head of Innovation and Ventures, Amadeus IT Group

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From autonomous drones to the latest in artificial intelligence, we keep an eye on innovation in all its forms. However, when it comes to innovation, focus matters. Blockchain is one innovation that we are focusing on because we believe it will deliver value to both our customers and travellers alike.

Blockchain for travel


With this focus in mind, our new whitepaper Blockchain: harnessing its potential in travel, shines a light on the many different areas of the travel industry where blockchain is beginning to have an impact in addition to providing a window into the wider development of the blockchain industry itself.

Blockchain is a development that Amadeus has been watching, and engaging with, for some time now. Our teams have developed live prototypes and we are cultivating a network of specialist partners to experiment with this new technology, some of which are discussed in this paper. We are also working with startups through the Amadeus Innovation Partnerships Programme. One example of this is our partnership with Civic, an innovative startup harnessing the trust aspects of blockchain to help people verify their identity.

The promise of blockchain has captured many people’s attention. However, when it comes to managing mission critical systems in the travel industry Amadeus takes its commitment to thorough testing and due diligence extremely seriously. Similarly, we are committed to fully understanding the data security and privacy implications blockchain presents. Whilst this new approach to handling data excites us, we also recognise it is still extremely early in its development.

We invite you to download a copy of the Blockchain: harnessing its potential in travelwhitepaper and hope it contributes to greater understanding of blockchain’s potential. For more information, visit the Amadeus Newsroom.


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